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Become a military power online

Desert Operations is an online resource-management strategy game. Your aim is to build up the military of a small country, and defend it from attack, while increasing your strength through alliances and declarations of war.

This free browser game follows the formula for this type of strategy game without innovation. Desert Operations begins with an island, and a pre-designed, but empty HQ. Your introduction to the game is a long one, and takes you through building the basics of your HQ.

You'll need factories, houses, skyscrapers and more. Each of these items has to be built, which takes a certain amount of time. This can pretty long. For example, your first skyscraper will take over an hour. This persistent waiting makes Desert Operations an ideal game to play in the background, but it's pretty dull.

The graphics in Desert Operations are quite average, with a semi-animated isometric view of your base. While weather affects gameplay, it doesn't affect the graphics, which is a shame.

Desert Operations is a standard online strategy game, with a slow pace and basic presentation. However, the community is both active and helpful towards new players.


  • Helpful community
  • Easy to follow tutorial
  • Create alliances with other players


  • Too much waiting!

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Desert Operations

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